Unique System to Store and Display your Wine Collection

We specialise in the creation,  complete layout and air-conditioning of wine cellars for individuals and professionals, wine bars and restaurants throughout Switzerland.

A innovative design, stores wine bottles with label forward instead of the cork, letting you clearly view the wines in your collection at a glance. Choice of sizes to fit any space regardless of height, depth or width limitations.

Whether in a kitchen, a personal wine cellar, restaurant, bar or retail outlet, CellarView wine racks allow you to create unusual and eye-catching designs for al sorts of wine collections.

The CellarView racks are designed to screw into a wall, we can also supply mouting frames to accomodate a much greater variety of installation options. Create a unique freestanding wine racking system that works equally well in commercial restablishments or private residential wine cellars.

For those places where wall mouting is not praticial, we can offer the solution using the “Floor-to-Ceiling” frame. The frame takes our standard wall racks and simply screws into the floor and the ceiling. This allows you to install racks against an uneven wall, in the middle of a room or even against a glass wall. Use it to create an impressive display anywhere in the room.

The CellarView II is a modular wine rack system that blends contemporary label-forward design with smart functionality perfect for home and commercial wall-mounted storage projects, small to large. This stylish system uses steel rods to hold all types of bottles : standard, champagne, pinot noir, or magnum — all in the same row. Our proprietary design allows for sturdy installation on any surface. Perfect for storing your everyday wine or your valuable Bordeaux vintages.


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